Synchronizing & load shear Controller

Synchronizing & load shear Controller :

A Wide range of Synchronizing & Load Shear Controllers, Mains controllers enables the possibility of smoother operations of DG set in parallel mode. These controllers have state of the art technology that takes care of most dynamic functions like Generator protections, Auto Synchronizing, Auto Active & Reactive Shearing, Load dependant Start stop, PLC functionality, & remote SCADA for complete monitoring of system.


Synchronizing Relay Type SR1 provides automatic as well as manual functions for the synchronizing of generators. It monitors difference between voltage/frequency of Busbar and generator and actuates AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)/Governor of generator in order to bring the voltage/frequency difference within user prescribed limits.

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Unit SY/SP is used to prevent wrong synchronization of alternators at manual operation.

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DSE 86xx Series

A State of the art high tech Synchronizing controller DSE 86xx is most suitable to perform a parallel operations combination (mains & DG) max up to 32 Feeders.

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