MRA-Pro-V2 supervision relay is a advance numeric relay that provides circuit breaker coil supervision.

Key Features

»  Continuous Trip circuit supervision of both pre closing and post closing conditions in circuit breaker.
»  Detection and alarm of trip circuit supply failure and circuit breaker tripping mechanism failure such as loss of voltage, trip circuit connection, contact degeneration in wires, contacts and coils.
»  Single-phase CB monitoring
»  Flush mounting enclosure
»  2 output contacts.
»  Operation delay to avoid spurious signals for instance, on circuit breaker operations
»  TEST function for Self Test facilitates routine maintenance.
»  Auto / Manual operation mode.
»  Wide range Auxiliary Supply.

Protection Function:

  Trip Circuit Supervision (74TC)

MRA Pro V2


  Functional Operation indication by 4 LED's namely CB OK , CB Fail , Manual and Edit.

  Auxiliary Supply:

– 24V DC (12 V < Operative range< 48V)
– 110V DC (55 V < Operative range< 180V)
– 220V DC (110 V < Operative range< 280 V)

 Trip circuit breaker fail (1 N/O)

  Trip circuit breaker fail (1 N/C)voltage.

  Max Breaking capacity AC:1250 VA(AC) DC(Resistive load ) 0.4A,200VDC

  Max. continuous Current for CB failure relay contacts 6A at 230 VAC/24VDC

  CB Operating Time (Supervision Time) - (0.1s / 0.3s / 0.6s) user settable with accuracy of ± 30 ms.