FF1 - 110 (PT Fuse Failure Relay)

FF1 - 110 (PT Fuse Failure Relay)

The relay FF1, three phase fuse failure relay, is used for monitoring the fuse continuously against blowing out or rupturing and inadvertent removals of the potential transformer secondary fuses. It is suitable for 3 phase, 3 wire or 3 phase, 4 wire application. This works at a phase to phase voltage of 110V

Key Features

»  High Speed operation
»  Static Design
»  Self powered relay
»  Less burden on PT
»  Separate LED indications for all the 3 phases.
»  Compact robust construction
»  Draw out assembly

Protection Function:

FF1 - 110 (PT Fuse Failure Relay)


  PT secondary rating 110V, 50Hz ± 10%

 Operating Time Less than or equal to 7 msec between failure or removal of PT secondary fuse and operating of relay.

  Auxiliary Supply:

– 110V DC

  Separate LED indication for each three phase PT fuse status (Auto reset type)

  Relay status (Manual reset type)

  Draw-out, suitable for flush mounting