EGA 250

EGA 250

Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Controller

»  Manual circuit breaker options.
»  Measurement and display of Load current and Instantaneous load in Kw.
»  Display of 3 Phase Mains Parameters: Voltage and Frequency
»  Display of 3 Phase Generator Parameters: Voltage, Frequency, Speed, Run Hours.
»  Metering Energy for both Mains & DG.
»  Logical interlock for Mains & DG breaker for fail safe operation.
»  Internal interlock for EB (Mains) & DG CB (Circuit Breaker) for Fail Safe Operation.
»  Generator Under / Over Voltage & Frequency Protection.
»  Generator Overload protection with selectable Over load setting.
»  Engine Protection for LLOP, HCT, Low Fuel & Over speed etc.
»  Mains Phase Reversal Detection.
»  Mains Protection: Under / Over Voltage & Frequency.
»  Analog Sensor Selection.
»  All DI / DO are Programmable.
»  Wide array of time circuits for start delay, Stop delay, re-cooling etc.
»  All DG parameters Programmable.
»  Programmable Timers.
»  Fault records with date and time stamp
»  Event records with date and time stamp
»  DG Faults like Fail to start, Fail to stop & Low battery.
»  MODBUS/GSM/USB Communication

EGA 250


  3 Analogue Inputs

  5 Digital Inputs

  Auxiliary Supply: 7-35V DC

  Charge Alternator Input / Output

  6 Potential outputs for operating external relays