DSE 9460 & DSE 9461


» Intelligent two, three & four stage charging profiles.
» Front panel control with multiple display variants.
» 12 volt & 24 volt configurable.
» Adjustable current limit.
» Can Be used as Battery charger & power supply.
» Digital microprocessor technology.
» Battery charging temperature compensation.
» AC input under/over voltage.
» Battery charger over voltage protection.
» Battery charger over current protection.
» Battery under voltage alarm.
» Auto battery detection.
» Auto self-test function.
» Output short circuit and inversion polarity with auto recovery.
» Auto power de-rating at high ambient temperatures.
» Optional battery temperature compensation using a PT1000 temperature sensor. Power save mode.
» External system integration via MODBUS RTU using RS485.
» Provides protocols for monitoring of the battery charging and charger status from a remote location.
» DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.
» 86% operating efficiency.