CSEZEN family of protective relays are advance numerical relays that provide multi protection and monitoring with reliable and fast protection solutions in a single unit.

In this family of CSEZEN series, the CSEZEN is an advanced feeder protection solution which has fast, sensitive and secure protection for feeder faults.

CSEZEN also provides an automation solution of power control. It complies with IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 61850, Modbus protocol for high integration of protection & control.

Key Features

» Multiple Protection functions
» Breaker Control
» Supervision function
» Advance Instrumentation & Metering
» Monitoring of System hardware & software
» Programmable Logic Functions
» Fault Records (50)
» Event Log (200)
» Disturbance Records (1200 Cycles)
» Communication protocol like Modbus - RTU, IEC 60870-103, IEC 61850.
» Time Synchronization via SNTP
» Multiple Setting Groups

Protection Functions

  Three Phase Time Over Current Protection (50/51P)

  Three Phase Instantaneous Protection (50)

  Ground Time Over Current (51N)

  Ground Instantaneous Over Current (50N)

  Derived Earth Over Current (50N)

  Negative Phase Sequence Over Current (46)

  Broken Conduction Detection (46BC)

  Auto Recloser (79)

  Cold Load Pickup (62CLD)

  Thermal Over Load (49)

  Phase Under/ Over Voltage (27/59)

  Residual Voltage / Voltage Unbalance (59N/47)

  Voltage Controlled Over Current (51V)

  Three Phase Under Current (37P)

  Restricted Earth Fault (64N)

  Three Phase Directional Over Current (67P)

  Earth Fault Directional Over Current (67N)

  Power Protection (32)

  Under Over Frequency (81 U/O)

  Rate of change of Frequency (81R)

  Synchro Check (25)

  Harmonic Blocking

Supervision Functions

  Output Relay Latching (86)

  Open-Close Breaker Command

  Trip Circuit Supervision (74TC)

  Circuit Breaker Failure Protection (50 BF)

  Switch on to Fault (SOTF)

  VT Supervision (VTS)

  CT Supervision (CTS)

Variant / Ordering Information:

Dimension Details :


  Draw Out Design

  CT 1A & 5A Site Selectable

  PT Sec – 415 / 110 V Site Selectable

  8 DI + 8 DO (Expandable up to 16 DI + 16 DO)

  Aux Supply:

    » o H Model – 85V-280V AC / 80V-300V DC
    » o L Model – 18V-60V DC

  10 LED’s at Pkup & Trip on fault.

  Micro USB Front Port (supported with free programming software)

  Breaker Control (via Programmable Keys on front)

  Back Port RJ 45/RS 485

  20x4 Alpha numeric LCD.

  Programmable Scheme Logic (PSL)



Reference Standards

Functional Test
Climatic Test

  • Temperature Dry Cold ( Relay operational)
  • Temperature Dry Cold ( Transportation & Storage)
  • Temperature Dry Heat (Relay operational)
  • Temperature Dry Heat ( Transportation & Storage)
  • Damp Heat Test (Relay operational)

Mechanical Test

  • Vibration Response
  • Shock Response with Stand Test
  • Bump
  • Seismic

Electrical Test

  • Insulation Resistance / Dielectric Test / High voltage Impulse
  • Voltage Dips Short Interruptions & Voltage Variations immunity
  • Ripple in DC Supply
  • Contact Performance Endurance Tests

Electro-magnetic Compatibility

  • Electrical fast Transient/ Burst
  • HF Disturbance Test
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Conducted Disturbance RF Field
  • Radiated RF E-M field Immunity Test
  • Surge Immunity Capacitively Coupled
  • Power Frequency Magnetic Field
  • Conducted & Radiated RF Interference Emission
  • Power Frequency Conducted Common Mode        

IEC 60255-6/5


IEC 60255-21-1
IEC 60255-21-1
IEC 60255-21-1
IEC 60255-21-3

IEC 1000-4-11
IEC60255-14,15 / IEC60255-23


IEC60255-22-4 / IEC 60100-4-4
IEC60255-22-2 / IEC 61000-4-2
IEC61000-4-6 / IEC60255-22-6
IEC60255-22-3 / IEC 61000-4-3
IEC60255-22-5 / IEC 61000-4-5
EN55011 / IEC60255-25
IEC 1000-4-16 / IEC 60225-22-7