The Lockout relay CLR series are voltage operated single element electro-mechanical, hinged armature type relay mainly used in protection, control and alarm circuits.

Key Features

»  Electro-mechanical design.
»  Suitable for tripping, signaling in protection and control systems.
»  Consistent and Repeat accuracy.
»  High resistance to shock and vibration.
»  Flexible user friendly Standardized contacts arrangement.
»  Hand reset contacts.
»  Hand reset flag indication.
»  Compact panel mounting case.
»  High speed with positive operation.

Protection Function:

  Master Trip (86)



  Mounting - Flush

 Design – Metal Case

  Auxiliary Supply:

– 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V DC
– 63.5V, 110V, 230V AC

  Operating Range : 70% to 120% Rated voltage.

  Burden : 40 Watts D.C. at rated voltage

  Operating Temperature : -10 deg to +55 deg

  Operating time : 10 ms at rated Voltage