ATS Controller

ATS Controller :

A Wide range of ATScontrollers used for transfer of load between Mains & DG / two different power sources. ATS controllers have some unique fearures that includes Mains & Genset Mentoring, Protection functions, Automatic Start / stop output for Remote DG operation, Analogue Input / Outputs for Automatic / Manual Transfer, Auto & manual restore opeations. These units can be applied with any kind of Electrical switchgear like Contactors, Breakers or Change over switches, ATS ect.

DSE 327

The DSE327 is an Automatic Transfer Switch Control Module designed to monitor the voltage of an incoming AC supply from two different sources. This could be from both generator or mains (utility), or a combination of both. The module monitors S1 (Source 1) and in the event of a failure issues a start command to S2 (Source 2).

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DSE 331

DSE ATS Controller monitors the voltage and frequency of the incoming AC supply from two different sources, S1 (source 1) and S2 (Source 2) in the event of a failure will issue a start command to S2 (source 2). This can also offers the flexibility to switch Motorised Change over, Contactors & Breakers.

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DSE 334

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